About Theale

Theale is a large, characterful village of around 1250 households, in West Berkshire, UK. If you only ever pass through Theale on the train, you could be forgiven for thinking what a Twitter user expressed in a recent message: “Why would anyone want to live here? It’s an industrial park and nothing more!”

Theale is a great deal more than the business park visible from the train. Make the effort to get off the train and walk north for 5 minutes, and you’ll come across the quaint high street with four excellent pubs, restaurants, a bank, and a wide variety of shops to serve the local community. A 10 minute walk in the other direction will take you to our 5th pub, and to a nature reserve and lake that draws bird watchers near and far.

For a comprehensive description of the village and its evolution, read this excellent article from the local history group.

Getting to Theale
We are situated 5 miles west of Reading, and about 45 miles west of London. In the other direction, we are 13 miles east of Newbury along the A4, and 74 miles east of Bristol along the M4 motorway. Outside rush hours, it takes about an hour to drive from Central London, and 1 hour 15 minutes from Bristol.

Theale is well served by public transport. Theale Station has 32 London-bound trains every weekday, 16 of them direct to Paddington. National Bus stops at Calcot, just under a mile from Theale High Street. Local buses run through Theale on the Reading to Newbury route.

The closest major airport is Heathrow, 30 miles away along the M4.

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