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Dog Fouling – Do You Want Something Done?

Most dog-owners are community-spirited, and pick up the foul left by their dogs when walking them in public places. Those that allow their dog to foul in public places should know that dog fouling is both a health risk and a criminal offence, punishable by fine of up to £1,000.
Many in the village are frustrated at the lack of consideration of the few, to the extent that improvement of the situation is an objective of the Theale Parish Plan.

The West Berkshire Council Dog Warden is the person to report dog-fouling issues to, and if the Theale community want to improve the situation it probably won’t happen without action being taken, and for that to happen the Warden needs to know.

The Warden can act if fouling is witnessed. They would need to know where the owner lives to do this, and would also need some proof – photo(s) – to act upon.

It’s more likely that we see a dog-foul without seeing the act take place. In these cases, we should still report it, and in this way we keep the Dog Warden informed of the extent of the problem.

You can contact the Dog Warden in the following ways:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 01635 42400 Ext: 2386.
  • The forum on, where there is a discussion thread on which people have reported dog-foul in the public highway. Post a reply to add an observation. The Dog Warden is monitoring this forum, so if you report it here, they will know about it, and it’s documented too!. (Note: You will need to register to use the forum, but it’s not an arduous process.)

So please, if you see dog-foul left in public areas, report it!

There is also information on the West Berkshire Council webiste regarding th Dog Warden Service here.

Theale’s Future – Annual Get-Together

Theale’s Future invites everyone to a get-together in the Village Hall today (Thursday, 26th May) at 7:30pm.

Refreshments will be provided. You will be able to hear what Theale’s Future has achieved for the village so far; what we are doing now; and our plans for the future. You will also be able to tell us what you think is important for the village.

Please come along. We look forward to seeing you!

Theale turns greener with two thousand new trees

Theale is set to become a leafier place in which to live and work. Residents, schools, and business owners are being asked to play their part in an ambitious scheme to plant more than two thousand new trees in and around the village later this year. “2010 trees in 2010″ is being officially launched on July 13. The plan has received support from Theale Parish Council and West Berks Council, as well as local businesses, who are being encouraged to take part through sponsorship, or through their corporate social responsibility schemes.

Ricky Josey, head of Theale Environment Group, explained the background to the plan:

“The idea came up in response to the results of the Theale village questionnaire, in which 72% described the environment as ‘very important’ or ‘important’. Wider surveys show that more than three quarters of the public would like to see more trees planted in the UK. As 2010 is the United Nations Year of Biodiversity, it seemed like a good idea to combine all these things and aim to plant 2,010 trees locally. The Parish Council has helped us map out some likely spots. So far, we’ve had the go-ahead for planting areas in Englefield Road area, including fruit trees near the school to attract wildlife and improve biodiversity.

“Plans are still being developed, but we think this is a great way to unite the village in a community-wide event. The aim is to plant the trees during National Tree Week, November 27th to Dec 5th 2010. The vital message is that we need the local community to be involved. The schools will be playing a part. Planting a tree is a great activity for children. They have fun, learn a skill, and are able to watch the tree grow as they do.”

Local residents are included too. Anyone with some space in their garden will be offered the chance to take part, and get a FREE tree or two into the bargain. Details are still being finalised, and will shortly be announced.

Green Drinks: Anyone who wants to learn more about the idea, or who wants to put their names down for some trees, can turn up at the monthly Theale Green Drinks event. This informal gathering takes place on the second Tuesday of every month in The Crown pub. Next get-together is Tuesday 13th July, starting at 6.30pm. The meetings start early for the benefit of people who work locally, and last as long as you want to stay. They are primarily social events for people with some interest in environmental issues, but there is no set agenda and very few formalities. To learn more about Theale Green Drinks, or to discuss how you can help the tree planting campaign, get in touch with Ricky Josey directly, or contact the website, and we’ll pass it on. Anyone who wants to be kept up to date with this and other news about Theale can join our mailing list.