Summary of recent feedback on environment

Key to topic/areas:
1 = Litter & clean streets
2 = Recycling
3 = Green space
4 = Park enhancement
5 = New developments
6 = Pollution (noise, light and emissions [less driving])
7 = Community involvement
8 = Sustainability

Feedback provided from comments put on questionnaires:
1 – “As a cyclist I would like to see the extension High Street (to the footbridge) swept more often, it is always covered in glass etc.”
1 – “Cleaning up of the High Street – it is an absolute disgrace.”
1 – “Litter along Church Street during term time, sandwich/drink wrappings/cans, half eaten food, crisp packets, sweet wrappings.”
1 – “Stop smoking in the High Street outside the Pubs”
1 – “Walking from the roundabout at the end of the village across to Sainsbury 95% of the rubbish can be attributed to McDonalds. We need a serious campaign, not just here but nationwide, a ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ rule and an education plan in schools because it is obvious that children are not being taught respect for the environment at home. My children were taught to use bins provided and if there wasn’t one to bring their rubbish home. Going behind them clearing up isn’t teaching them anything. In Canada Mcdonalds cannot remain open if their customers do not respect the countryside and take responsibility for their litter, surely everyone should be working together!”
1 – “We would like to say that the gentleman keeping our road clean does an excellent job even if sometimes he must feel a bit of a “Forth Bridge” syndrome.”
1&2 – “Get more litterbins with recycling compartments etc.”
3 – “Tap into lakes and nature around Theale, like Cotswold Water Park, which is also a large area of lakes.”
4 – “Make more of our park, eg a pond, landscaping”
4 – “More picnic benches for parents to sit on in the rec to watch kids play/socialise.”
5 – “As we don’t have any further information regarding the proposed building at The Green, there is concern as to what to expect and problems that will arise when the homes are built and occupied.”
5 – “Assess the impact of the proposed development at the western end of the village on services, especially medical facilities.”
5 – “There are too many new houses being built – over-developed, lost village appeal.”
6 – “How do we go about getting a noise barrier on the dual carriageway? We back onto it and the noise has greatly increased over the years making it intolerable to sit in the garden or have rear windows open.”
7 – “There would be great benefit to the residents of Trafalgar Court if there were visits from members of the local community. Such visits could also be of benefit to other members of the Theale community.”
7 – “We need more social/greeting places – a bit more ‘joined up thinking’ on what the village looks and feels like.”
8 – “Interested in sustainability in Theale – see towns like Stroud for similar sustainability vis a vis carbon neutral towns for this important trend.”
8 – “Why not ban plastic bags in Theale?”

Feedback provided from Theale’s Future Youth Consultation Theale Green School age 11-16

4 – Bigger and better park (x8)
4 – Bike Park
4 – Jogging/running field
7 – More for teenagers to do – youth club

Feedback provided from Theale’s Future Youth Consultation Theale Primary School age 5-10

2 – More recycling bins in the village
3 – More flowers in Theale
3 – More plants in the village
3 – RSPB centre
4 – A dog walking park
4 – Bigger park as it’s too small for older children (x8)
4 – Biking park/dirt track/ramps for the rec (x5)
4 – More access to the (rec x2)
4 – More local parks (x2)
4 – More picnic benches (x2)
4 – Scooter park
4 – Skateboard park (x10)
7 – Welcome to Theale sign (children to design/produce)
7 – Youth club

Feedback provided from comments from Theale Surgery

3 – More flowers in the village (x2)
3&7 – A village garden
4 – Enhanced park (x8)
7 – A leaf collecting club (?)
7 – Youth group for children

Feedback from the Theale village website (ongoing)

1&2 – “Though the council have a recycling policy, this does not seem to account for litter removal from verges or the playing fields. How can we change this?”
3 – “Who is responsible for the protection of our hedgerows, footpaths, water courses, etc? Particularly the lake near The Green.”
3&7 – “I assume the allotments at the back of Volunteer Road are staying – could we get the Englefield garden centre to work more closely with residents to help them with vegetable growing, composting, etc? Or even allow the schools to have an area set aside for a special gardening project which will enhance the playing fields or Church St / High St.”
6 – “Checking local air pollution levels (especially from A4) and informing the local population of peaks. Any residents who may be affected can then choose to leave their houses at safer times.”
6 – “Improving the environment through better parking arrangements”
6 – “Preventing the building of unsuitable houses without adequate parking e.g. the new houses approved for the wasteland by the lake at the western end of the village – every new house should have two car parking spaces.”
7 – “A ‘crocodile’ to replace the many cars that deliver and pick up children from the local schools. This would reduce the level of exposure to exhaust fumes for the children / parents / locals and cut down on the probability of accidents.”
7 – “Improving the environment by providing better access to sports facilities particularly for teenagers – why should they have to congregate on street corners?”
7 – “Improving the environment for the elderly and disabled, particularly to ensure that the facilities provided by the High Street give the best mix of services and access”
7 – “There are a number of large businesses nearby (Blue Circle, Direct Wines, PepsiCo, etc) who normally spout “corporate responsibility” somewhere in their company policy – what are they doing for their local community?”

Theale Environment Group name suggestions

“I wouldn’t call our group the ‘Theale Environment Action Team’, like the Hungerford version, though the acronym does stick in the memory.”

“‘Theale Green’ would conflict with the school – unless we had ‘Feel Green’ which was the estuary version of the school name.”

Other ideas:
“Green T”
“Green Tea”
“Tea Green”
“T Green”

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