Jet Black 1 – Bus Route Change Proposed – Petition Available

Did you know that Reading Buses are proposing to change the route taken by the Jet Black (No. 1) bus through Theale?

The proposal is to have the bus run from Reading into the Arlington Business Park as it does currently, but intead of the route returning from the business park back into Theale along Hoad Way, it will instead follow Brunel Road to the railway staion, and then into the village along Station Road, under the A4 flyover. The route will then continue along its existing course along Church Street and The Green, and proceed towards Newbury. The porposed eastbound route is identical to the westbound, but in reverse.

Other buses that currently use the stops in the High Street are unaffected by the proposal, and will continue to pass along the High Street.

With the proposed change of route, come changes to bus stops. The Jet Black will no longer stop in the High Street, so users of these stops will have to either go to the stops in Church Street, or cross the A4 to use the stops in the business park. Additionally, the bollards in Station Road imposing width restrictions will be removed to allow buses to travel under the bypass flyover. The buses will then be able to pass, but this change could also allow other large vehicles to pass along the road. Changes to the road restrictions would enable large vehicles other than busses to enter the village from the west via Church Street and then use Station Road to easily access the industrial areas to the south of the flyover. (Currently large vehicles need to travel along the bypass and enter the business and industrial area via the roundabout at Waterside Drive.)

Theale Councillor, Alan Macro, has created a two petitions: one to keep the Jet Black 1 buses serving Theale High Street, and another opposing the removal of the existing width restrictions in Station Road.

You can sign the petition by contacting Alan, or by completing the online survey he has created. Alan is going to pesent the petition to Reading Buses on Monday 27th February, and West Berkshire Council on Thursday 1st March, so if you want to sign, you should do so as soon as possible.