Theale’s Future – Steering Group

Chair – Vacant – Details here
Deputy Chair – Vacant – Details here
Secretary – Pauline Mckay
Treasurer – Helene Burningham
Publicity Officers – Vacant – Details here
Funding Leaders – Vacant – Details here
Volunteer Coordinator – Vacant – Details here
Project Leaders – Jim Barron (more people needed!)
IT/Web – Jim Barron
Theale Parish Council Representative – David Wood

Organisation Of The Group
There are two aspects to the organisation of Theale’s Future: there are those roles that contribute to the organisation of the team (Chair, Secretary etc.), and those that are progressing with the items in Parish Plan Action Plan (Project Leads). People can – and do – take on more than one role.

We are looking for volunteers to help with our work and, in particular, to fill the vacant positions of Secretary and Publicity Officer(s) on the Steering Group. If you could help us to fill these positions, or could help us in any other way, please contact us (details on the main Theale’s Future page).

The full list of vacancies: